What you don’t know can hurt you when you’re in need of fresh positive press!

[Consumer Alert: This is a fairly technical article but well worth reviewing.]

The qualifications of those who create your fresh press so as to overcome an online reputation problem matters. Take a look at this chart. It spells out exactly why you have to be careful about who you get your content from.


We create our content with all of the technical specifics illustrated in this diagram in mind (this particular diagram was

created by ahrefs, a credible source, and you can find the original article on SEO and content here: https://ahrefs.com/blog/on-page-seo/). What makes us experts at what we do is our cleverness combined with advanced technical knowledge as we develop new online content for those with online reputation damage.

Consider what Ahrefs shares, “You can clearly see that on page SEO factors that revolve around using an exact match keyword in “strategic” places of your page showed a very small correlation.” “Small correlation,” meaning, it hardly matters if your content features an exact keyword match to rank high in Google Search.

So if you’re hiring someone who promises to fill pages with mentions of your name, that agency or individual isn’t taking the wisest path to producing search engine optimized content that can rise to the top in the search engines.

To be successful in getting new content on page 1 of Google, you’ll need much more than URLs and pages with your personal or business name in it. You actually need professional grade content development, content made by smart and creative people with technical knowledge, which sounds costly, yes, however, seasoned content developers know how to get you the biggest bang for your buck.

Look at this diagram and ask yourself it it’s wise to pay upwards of $5000 to $10000 a month on “reputation management” services that fail to do anything that you really can do yourself (if you had the time). The chart to the left speaks for itself. Just loading up a bunch of pages with your name on it is not enough applied intelligence to solve your problem, and such a strategy certainly won’t be able to fix your issue in Google Search rapidly, either.

It’s wiser to exploit an online reputation problem as an opportunity to get some high quality online content marketing materials produced and let Google Search discover that YOUR content has more value to the general public than that on the offending website. Simply putting up a bunch of new pages that all have the same value or basic information with the same “keywords” in the title area of a new page isn’t going to fix an online reputation problem overnight, within a month, or within a year if all of the new content goes up on the same day for the same purpose. Google is well aware of the most common online reputation management strategies most commonly deployed by sweatshops oversees. . . keep this in mind.


Think you have to have your name mentioned in the title area for a page to rank on page 1 of Google Search? Think again. . .


A simple concept such as page load speed REALLY matters. Is your new positive press being placed on a fast or slow page? 

We’re not pointing these issues related to getting content on page 1 of Google Search to suggest that ALL reputation management products on the market now are useless. That wouldn’t be a true statement at all. For example, there’s one private investigator out there who uses a proprietary method that actually works a high percentage of the time. . . but that’s a different topic for a different day. You’re welcome to inquire with us if you’d like more information about him and his service.