What to Look for in an Online Marketing Agency

There are three things you should look for when hiring an online marketing agency: sensitivity to your business, awareness of your industry, and critical local resources. The advent of the Internet has resulted in a lot of products designed to market your business with little sensitivity to what you actually have to offer prospective business. These tips should help you navigate your options more effectively.

Sensitivity to Your Business
Ask how the agency’s marketing strategy will benefit your business. If you’re being put into a cookie cutter formula, reconsider the agency’s value. A competent marketing agency will place a high value on the nuances of your business and how those relate to your target market.

Industry Awareness
Ask what type of industry experience the marketing agency of interest has.  Just as a fish has nothing in common with flea, the marketing agency you choose may be overlooking valuable online marketing strategies out of a lack of experience in your industry.

Local Resources
Ask how the agency plans to market you to your local community. If the reply is simply, “Google Maps,” run. The savvy online marketing strategist will be able to share a concrete plan that features sensitivity to your business’ geographic location(s). Steer clear of marketing agencies that specialize in the marketing of online businesses as they won’t be sensitive to the need to exploit local resources.