Small Business, PR Stunts, And Positive Press

Welcome to the world positive press. As you consider getting new press for your small business, consider the following five tips to assist in the developing of stories that add value to the Internet.

  • SEO-related research suggests that unknown companies benefit riskier tactics like PR stunts as large brands then to fail to initiate a PR stunt that can make a significant impact in the online world.
  • Elements of unexpectedness likely drive news stories to go viral. When building press stories, consider developing unexpected angles by focusing the most unique, bizarre, or novel ideas related to your small business.
  • Be ready to respond to the media’s unexpected attention if your news story takes off.
  • The media loves controversy, but make sure you and your business look like a hero.
  • It’s better to go on record as fighting “bad guys.”

Create a list of ideas based on the above tips to get going. Share your list with us and we’ll help you get going.