Press Submission Tips

Non-PR professionals using the Press-O-Matic or our content development support should keep the following tips in mind when submitting press:

Speak to Your Audience and Niche

Target your specific niche with keen insights into the type of new information they want to read. Share something your audience is likely to believe to be helpful.

Provide Readers With Relevant Local Information

Gear your information to a local audience whenever applicable. For example, think of something you know about your area that readers might not yet know.

Stay on Topic

The press contribution you submit should always apply to what you do. Try not to stray too far into generalities.

Be Specific and Detailed When Necessary

Avoid unrelated generalities whenever possible. Readers can get frustrated when pieces of the puzzle are left out.

Give us Your Best

Editors of online publications have access to a large volume of new information every day. They’re looking for the best. Submit the best images and information that you can to increase our ability to place you on high ranking domains.

Consider The Editor’s Point of View

Think like an editor. If you ran a blog on automobile repair, would your readers find instructions on removing a broken light-bulb with a monkey wrench helpful? Sounds silly, yes. We know. But it happens. . .

Share Timely Information With Your Audience

Did something just change in your industry? Is something in the process of changing? Are you aware of a likely change on the horizon? If so, share about it with us!

Imagine What Might be Popular on a Relevant Social Media Page

This is a tough one to do. But if you can think back to the types of articles you’re most likely to read on Facebook, you might have an epiphany on a fresh angle publishers will enjoy.

Research What Others Are Discussing in Your Industry Online

Take a look at social media pages and popular websites in your industry for inspiration. Nutrition and dieting are a hot topics among doctors these days, for example.

We all know something others don’t yet know. Use this fact to your advantage at