About PositivePress.us


Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to learn more. I’m Christina, the founder of PositivePress.us. I’ve been a Search Engine Marketing Consultant specializing in online crisis intervention for more than 7 years. My clients vary from large media corporations to small businesses, marketing directors, public relations professionals, lawyers, CEOs and one very brilliant private investigator who specializes in online reputation recovery.

At PositivePress.us we believe content development–and the proper placement of it–solves a lot of problems. It facilitates online reputation building and increased online exposure by making it possible to reach web surfers near and far. Our Content Development Tools are built to help you predict costs while providing options for new positive search results.

The content developed by PositivePress.us is built on what search engines are hungry for: freshness, quality, relevancy, originality, and usefulness to web surfers online–which is why we’re a great source for those in need of positive press. By blending technical know-how with creativity we get clients tangible results.