About PositivePress.us


Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to learn more. I’m Christina, the founder of PositivePress.us.

I believe content development–and the proper placement of it–solves online reputation problems because without fresh publicity it becomes nearly impossible to gain complete control over the quality of one’s online reputation. The more press you get, the easier it becomes to suppress negative search results; hence over a period of time, the good publicity and new online materials I arrange helps conceal negative search results.

The Content Development Tools I deploy enable me to predict and control the costs of new search results while expanding your opportunities for positive search results. As an online reputation manager conducting PR work, I concentrate on giving search engines exactly what they crave: fresh material on high quality websites that are relevant, original and useful to the public.

My technical know-how blended with my applied knowledge of traditional public relations strategies enables me to deliver clients tangible results in the form of news stories, online articles, photographs, charts, diagrams, videos, books, podcasts, journals, interviews and more. My creativity enables me to discover your, and/or your company’s, most significant stories. The long-term result of working with me is a more accurate picture of reality within the search engine.