Instructions For Writers

We’re always looking for writers to produce content for us. This could easily be very bland content, but if the writer intuitively “gets” the concepts of “share bait” or “click bait,” basically virality in general, then we’ll work with you the most.

This is hardly SEO writing
There are keywords but this is not “SEO writing,” in the sense of writing for search engines first and people second. Our primary goal with our content is to make it so interesting that the audience shares them like crazy. Keywords are always a secondary concern. Naturally, you won’t be held accountable for whether your work goes viral or not. So strive to make the mundane apply to present time and set your goal high to produce thought provoking material, because that’s what we’re ultimately paying you for.

The angle and title of the article is up to you
You have the freedom to come up with the article angle/title based on the keyword I give you. An example might be “Jim Smith” or “Doctor Sally Jenkins.” We love super interesting titles and appreciate numbered lists, (e.g., “X reasons to love Y”) but also anything interesting.

Research is crucial
Our best writers are part researcher. Our articles must be well-cited from reputable online sources. So while you don’t need to be a topic expert, you do need to a) have a good eye for what makes content viral and unique, and b) have the ability to find reputable research that you can pool together and transform into an incredibly interesting article on behalf of our clients. When I say reputable I mean .edu and credible industry sources. Reputable newspapers, non-profits, etc. all work, too. No need to cite the primary sources, other than when you’re using the information that’s been given to you by our client.

Write for skimmers
We look for tight and punchy work. To write for skimmers, there should be plenty of subtitles, which themselves make it irresistible to keep reading. We are not looking for super dense or academic type writing.

Write 1 article as trial, more needed
To find the writers that are a good fit, we like to start with a 1 article job.

Article length is up to you
Since the ultimate purpose is to create sharable content, it’s up to your judgment how long it should be. We don’t pay for word count, in and of itself, because that limits your creativity and freedom. If you can write a compelling article on an assigned topic in 1 page or 3 pages, great.  1 page is a good target, maybe a little more or less, but ultimately it’s up to you. We’re looking to see  your judgment about length. 1 paragraph submissions will not be accepted.

Avoid negativity or overt controversy
This needs to be viral, but it can’t be viral because it’s offensive or super controversial. The main strategy to go viral should be you research things that are little-known, but super-interesting; you could translate interesting childhood research insights (like from journals or universities) into plain English (e.g., Why research says X is bad/good for kids). Or you can take comprehensive approaches to stuff that maybe is already known (e.g., The definitive list of reasons why XYZ). In contrast, you must avoid negative or controversial angles like “X reasons to hate [anything]” or “10 reasons you really should spank your kids.” Even if that would be very viral, it’s against the style of our clients, unless otherwise directed.