Enterprise Story Source Material

We develop enterprise story material and accompanying graphics for journalists who are looking for fresh information and brand new angles not yet published on the Internet. Here are some questions and answers on the topic of enterprise stories:

What’s an enterprise story?

“Enterprise reporting involves stories not based on press releases or news conferences. Instead, enterprise reporting is all about the stories a reporter digs up on his or her own, what many people call “scoops.” Enterprise reporting goes beyond merely covering events. It explores the forces shaping those events.” [Source: journalism-education.cubreporters.org/2010/08/how-to-write-enterprise-story.html]

Why are enterprise stories useful?

“These stories generate 83% more page views, 39% more time spent reading the content and 103% more sharing activity than other topics. Currently only 1% of news content is about major enterprise. These unique stories capture 30% higher engagement: 62% more page views and 101% more shares. [Source: http://www.business2community.com/public-relations/digital-pr-measurement-lessons-news-analytics-01462468#zvhyECSF0y5x2zUu.99”]

How long should an enterprise story be?

1200 words or more, in our opinion, with original images, illustrations or informative graphics. So share as much as you can with us to source when we have your content developed so that placement is easy and fast. Longer stories get 23% more engagement and 11% more views. Source: http://www.business2community.com/public-relations/digital-pr-measurement-lessons-news-analytics-01462468#zvhyECSF0y5x2zUu.99]

What makes an enterprise story so valuable?


How do I get my information in the hands of those who produce enterprise stories?

Make sure what you share with PositivePress.us will resonate with your audience and/or people in your industry. Explore the forces shaping current events from an insider perspective whenever it is possible to do so.

Can enterprise stories get a lot of attention on the web?

Absolutely. Enterprise stories give you and your business a chance to go viral.

Viral? Enterprise stories can go viral?

Yup. At present, only 5% of news content is an original initiative story, and that’s a little weird if you ask us, not to mention boring. Hence, we love placing enterprise stories and building up the content for those who produce it.

What’s the best way to get involved in an enterprise story?

In our opinion, start watching what’s going on in your area, either in business or in the general news. When you’ve found something you know a lot about, share your take with us as soon as you can. It’s not difficult, but it will take keeping your eyes peeled, indeed. Of course, if you’re one of our clients, we’ll be looking out for one of these opportunities with you as well.

Do you have a big insider scoop on a current event or a major industry related issue? If so, send it to us! Heck, we’ll even happily place insider scoops on minor but popular events within a small niche and important original information on common industry concerns. Keep this in mind when using our Press-O-Matic tool.