About PositivePress.us

Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to learn more. I’m Christina, the founder of PositivePress.us. I help businesses get more leads. When they run into problems online with negative publicity, I help them with that, too.

Most of the time, when a business is in need, thier need has one concept in common: content. Content comes in a variety of forms but its basically everything a user views on the Internet. It’s all basically visual material, simple text, or a combination of the two.

Content development–and the effective placement of content–builds a business’s online reputation and overall presence in the information space. Fresh content makes it possible to influence the quality of one’s online reputation. It also helps businesses and individuals make contributions to the contents of the Internet.

The Content Development Tools I deploy enable predicting and controlling the costs of new onsite and offsite content. I seek out new ways to expand online visibility opportunities to achieve positive search results. I assist business in lasting ways: the content I produce (or sometimes eliminate) works to a business’s advantage indefinitely.

I focus on giving search engine users exactly what they crave: fresh, useful, original and meaningful online material. What’s most unique about me is that I’ve been an SEO working behind the scenes for an assortment of businesses for over a decade. It’s my honor to consult with amazing people. I once helped a billionaire on problem solving a major search engine problem. Politicians, small businesses, inventors, private investigators and doctors, lawyers and real estate professionals have relied my knowledge of the Internet and website development as well. The varied experience I’ve gained over the years makes me a valuable consultant and Internet trouble-shooter.

I understand search engines and its impact on business.

My technical know-how blended my experience in Internet consulting, design and traditional public relations strategies enables delivering clients tangible results:  new websites, website facelifts, business-related news stories, product or service reviews, articles to increase local or national visibility, captivating photographs, informative charts, diagrams, videos, books, podcasts, journals, relevant interviews and more.

Creativity helps me solve world-shattering Internet-related problems as well as discover a company’s most significant Internet-related needs.