10 Tips on Building a High Quality Press-O-Matic Submission

We encourage you to submit your angle on a current news event or industry issue for us to develop. Here’s 10 tips to make your submission to PositivePress.us a strong one. Use one or more of these tips to stimulate your creativity.

  1. Read a story that you find interesting. This story can be breaking news or one about something going on in your industry. Any story that resonates with you for a substantial reason will do.
  2. List the questions that come to mind after reading the story in a word processing application. (Keeping the news story open and in view will help prevent confusion).
  3. List the effects the story of interest will have on you as a business person, on your community, or on your industry.
  4. Consider the unusual aspects of the story if you’ve find any, something remarkable, odd, uncommon or different.
  5. Focus on the aspects of a current news story that interest you the most.
  6. Think of ways to go beyond that news story into other related issues that people might not have yet considered.
  7. Think about the who, what, when, where and why of a story that you can spin off of and go from there when developing a press submission.
  8. Answer “how” events within your story of choice happened, based on your own insider insights.
  9. Think broadly and then narrow your focus for greater impact.
  10. Reading stories that impact your industry more often, if you aren’t yet, will help you generate ideas for getting positive press with your original thoughts on issues that matter to your industry or the general public.